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  1. In the 2018-2020 period, Phase 3 is open to SMEs receiving grants under the FTI and FET-Open schemes, in addition to SMEs receiving grants from the SME Instrument budget. All Phase 3 support services are accessible through a single, dedicated entry point, which serves as an information portal and networking space
  2. We knew the new SMEI interview phase was going to have an impact on the general results. Now, with the official results of the first SME Instrument Phase 2 call of 2018 in hand, we can already see the effects. The good news is that English does not seem to be a barrier to success. In total, 57 companies will share over €94 millio
  3. istrative forms (Part A) Project proposal (Part B) Annexes 1-4 Enhanced EIC Accelerator Pilot (SME Instrument Phase 2) Version 5.1 3 April 2020 . 2 HISTORY OF CHANGES . Version Publication Date Change : Page ; 1.0 . 05.06.2019 Initial versio

EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020: (SME instrument Phase 2) Çağrı Kodu: H2020-EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020. Çağrı Açıklaması: The EIC Accelerator Pilot open from 6 June 2019 provides grant-only support as well as support in the form of blended finance (combining grant and equity) For SME Instrument clients, up to 3 coaching-days are available in Phase 1, and up to 12 coaching-days in Phase 2. SMEs taking part in FTI or FET-Open are offered up to 12 coaching-days. The free-of-charge coaching service is facilitated by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) The link to the 'Guidelines for Applicants' on the 4th page of the Proposal template 2018-2020 for the SME Instrument Phase 2 project (version 3.2, 27 October 2017) returns 'page not found'. Could you please post a link to the document. On the same page, the text 'Please, do not consider the page limit as a target

The SME Instruments funding scheme will undergo significant changes compared to prior years, in the interval 2018-2020. Compared to previous years, for the final part of the Horizon 2020 programme, this call will benefit from a larger budget, it will shed its topic constraints, and will mirror the private investment analysis of the business proposition Proposal template 2018-2020 Project proposal (Part B) SME instrument Phase 2 Version 3 27.02.2014 Part A added Footnote was modified to align it with the Annotated Grant Agreement for the SME instrument-Phase2 (Part B Proposals shall be based on a strategic business plan developed through SME instrument phase 1. The Deep Tech Europe Report focuses on the results and impacts of its legacy programmes (SME Instrument and FET) and reveals the ins and outs of the EIC Accelerator and EIC Pathfinder funding schemes. Discover below the key numbers from the EIC portfolio in 2020. 22/09/2020. SME Instrument Phase 2 had a total number of 1,163 applicants for the January 10th, 2018 deadline. It's communicated that 57 applicants were granted funding equivalent to 4,9 % granted funding and 405 applicants were above the threshold

According to EASME, the widest funded Phase 2 projects under the SME Instrument in 2018 were those related to health. However, based on our wide experience with the Small and Medium Enterprise Instrument (SME-I) funding scheme is part of the Horizon 2020 programme within the European Innovation Council (EIC); it is aimed at innovative SMEs and startups needing to commercialise a product The 'Annotated proposal template SME Instrument Phase 1 and Phase 2' is a guide created in order to assist innovative companies in applying to the EIC SME Instrument 2018-2020 call of Horizon 2020. Its aim is to help companies better understand the requirements of the template and write better applications Home / News / Annotated proposal template SME Instrument Phase 1 and Phase 2 The 'Annotated proposal template SME Instrument ' is a guide created in order to assist innovative companies in applying to the EIC SME Instrument 2018-2020 call of Horizon 2020 The SME Instrument provides full-cycle business innovation support. It has three phases, including a coaching and mentoring service. > Feasibility study: Phase 1 - helps SMEs to get a grip on the R&D, technical feasibility and commercial potential of a ground-breaking, innovative idea and develop it into a credible business plan for scaling it up Het mkb-instrument EIC Accelerator (voorheen SME instrument) van Horizon 2020 ondersteunt het zeer innovatieve mkb met het opschalen en naar de internationale markt brengen van een nieuw product, proces of dienst. Budget. Het budget voor de periode 2018-2020 bedraagt ruim € 1,5 miljard. Sinds de oproepdeadline van 9 oktober 2019 is het.

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  1. A short history of the SME Instrument 13. The SME Instrument was launched in 2014, with a design based on the USA's SBIR 9 programme. Its 'funnel model' would make a large number of low-level investments in feasibility studies for promising innovation projects (Phase 1), with the best progressing to Phase 2 and an increased level of funding
  2. Call conditions for the SME Instrument Type of funding: SME instrument Phase 1 / Phase 2 Opening dates, deadlines, indicative budgets Opening date: 7 November 2017 Deadline of cut-off All deadlines are at 17.00.00 Brussels local time phase 1 08 February 2018 03 May 2018 05 September 2018 07 November 2018 ----- 13 February 201
  3. Now, with the official results of the first SME Instrument Phase 2 call of 2018 in hand, we can already see the effects. The good news is that English does not appear to be a barrier to success
  4. The European Commission has published the results of the third SME Instrument call for phase 2 of 2018. A total of 65 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from 16 countries have been selected for funding, receiving a total of € 113 million to share between their projects to get their innovations faster on the market.. 1,658 proposals were submitted out of which 130 proposals were.
  5. 2 SME Instrument 2018-2020 •European funding programme dedicated to high growth, highly innovative, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with European and global ambitions. •There are no set topics. Negative impacts on climate and the environment should be avoided. •Funded by the European Innovation Council EIC, part of Horizon 2020

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Der EIC Accelerator (früher: SME Instrument Phase 2) ist eines der anspruchsvollsten Förderinstrumente der EU.Die EU möchte damit innovative und ambitionierte Startups, kleine und mittelgroße Unternehmen europaweit unterstützen. Die EurA AG ist seit Beginn des Programmes 2014 dabei und mit über 200 Anträgen Marktführer in Deutschland Sie sind bereit für Phase 2, wenn Sie wissen, dass Ihr Projekt realisierbar ist und wie Ihr Markt aussieht.Zudem verfügen Sie bereits über einen funktionierenden Prototypen / Demonstrator, an dem nur noch marktnahe Entwicklungen durchgeführt werden müssen.In den nächsten zwei Jahren liegt Ihr Fokus auf letzten Optimierungen, der Entwicklung einer Kommerzialisierungsstrategie und dem. H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2018-2020 - EIC Accelerator. Deadline: 2020-05-19 Status: Closed. Descrizione. OBIETTIVI DEL BANDO E ATTIVITÀ AMMISSIBILIIl bando SME instrument si rivolge a tutte le PMI che intendono affrontare un percorso di sviluppo, crescita e internazionalizzazione Projects & companies funded under EIC Accelerator - description, statistics, interactive ma H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2018-2020 - EIC Accelerator. Deadline: 2020-05-19 Status: Closed. Description. OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMME AND ACTIVITIES FUNDED The SME instrument is targeted at all types of innovative SMEs showing a strong ambition to develop, Phase 2:In phase 2,.

SME Instrument Phase-2: Will be operational from the last cut-off of this year (October 2019) Israel statistics 2014-2018 Phase 2 Israeli winning companies (46) Year Number of Israeli winners 2014 5 2015 6 2016 5 2017 13 2018 17 Year Number of Israeli winners 2014 11 2015 2 The Catalan companies Biprocel, Dexma, Minoryx Therapeutics and Restb.ai receive a total of 2.9 million euros of financing of the SME instrument. The pilot initiative, European Innovation Council (EIC), resolved on May 24, the second call for 2018 of the SME instrument in its phase 2 2018 is a year of changes in the SME Instrument. One is the way the EC presents cut-off data. With the first call of the year, the EU shared fewer stats than usual about the latest Phase 2 SME Instrument, but we were still able to squeeze out some interesting data for you In this phase of the SME Instrument, each project will receive up to €2.5 million to finance innovation activities like demonstration, testing, piloting and scaling up. The companies will also benefit from 12 days of free business coaching and acceleration services

The EIC Accelerator funding (SME Instrument) by the European Commission and the European Innovation Council (EIC) is specifically designed for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) which seek financial support for their innovative product. The funding provides €500,000 to €2,500,000 in the form of a non-refundable grant and up to €15,000,000 via equity financing (i.e. financing. The SME instrument is part of the European Innovation Council pilot (EIC pilot). This was launched on 27th October 2017 as part of the Horizon 2020 Work programme 2018-2020 to provide a 'one stop shop' for funding of innovators/innovations in the EU. The SME instrument supports close-to-market activities, with the aim to give a strong [ Full overview of SME Instrument Phase 1 and Phase 2 Most important aspects of the proposal templates Examples of winning Phase 1 and Phase 2 proposals Evaluators' perspective - DOs and DONTs Sections templates designed to maximize your chances for success Overview of EC'S feedback report SME INSTRUMENT MASTERCLASS 17 December 2018, 10.00-17.

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  2. Applicants to EIC SME Instrument Phase 2 give their impressions about pitching the EIC Jury of investment experts
  3. Phase 2: 10.10.2018 / 09.01.2019 / 03.04.2019 / 05.06.2019 / 09.10.2019 Time to grant: Phase 1: 4 months / Phase 2: 8 months Project duration: Phase 1: 6 months / Phase 2: 12 - 24 months There is no concurrent submission or implementation with another SME Instrument phase 1 or phase 2 project
  4. Bonus: SME Instrument's Business Support for Market Launch Business Support is designed to facilitate the commercial exploitation of the innovation activities resulting from phase 1 or phase 2, through a series of business acceleration services
  5. From 2018 onwards, proposals addressed to the phase 2 of SME Instrument have to go through a new step, a face to face interview in front of a panel of investors in Brussels. This change is the biggest modification that this programme has suffered within its 4 years of existence
  6. FTI Phase-1 SME-Instrument Phase-2 SME-Instrument Soft Blending Awarded to the most innovative solutions to societal challenges Integrated offer along the innovation and business development value chain € 500 million € 1.5 billion 2014-2020 2014-2020

SME Instrument: Opportunities for Swiss companies 12th April 2018 at 11:40 am. In 2014, with the launch of Horizon 2020, the European Commission had introduced a new funding scheme dedicated specifically for fostering innovation by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): The 'SME Instrument' Phase 3 is not subsequent to phase 1 and/ or 2, but provides specific support to SME instrument beneficiaries during and after Phase 1 or 2. All support under Phase 3 of the SME instrument will be accessible through a single, dedicated entry point, which will serve as an information portal and a networking space

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SME-Instrument Phase-2 SME-Instrument Soft Blending Awarded to the most innovative solutions to societal challenges Integrated offer along the innovation and business development value chain € 500 million More figures and stories in the 2018 SME Instrument Report SME Instrument - Phase 2 Deadline: 5. juni 2019 Phase 2 helps you develop your business concept further into a market-ready product, service or process aligned with your company's growth strategy

Phase 2 invests between €0.5 and 2.5 million in innovation activities such 35 company grows 2-40 employees 20152014 2016 2017 2018 €4.2M SME Instrument grant for clinical validationIMMUNOVIA €4.2M company founded share issue for technology optimization and proof of concept IPO €6.7M €24M from IPO on Nasdaq First North. Access4SMEs_EIC SME INSTRUMENT PHASE 2 PITCH.pdf. Attention - this template is not corresponding to the most recent version__Access4SMEs_Annotated Template EIC SME INSTRUMENT PHASE 1 & PHASE 2 GUIDE_2nd version

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SME Phase 2: The threshold for individual criteria is 4. The overall threshold is 13. The Impact criterion is assigned a weight of 1.5. Evaluation criteria. Impact: This is the main evaluation criterion. For both SME instrument Phases 1 and 2 the score for the criterion 'impact' will be given a weight of 1.5 The SME Instrument. Hub.brussels also introduced the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument.Your business may apply for the SME Instrument if your product or service idea is disruptive and your business qualifies as an SME.. To check if you qualify as an SME and for other useful tips regarding the SME Instrument see this site. In Phase 1 you may receive 50 000 EUR for a project lasting between 2-6 months With the start of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot phase at the beginning of 2018, some changes were introduced to the SME Instrument, one of them being a pitch interview in addition to the remote evaluation. Consequently a certain number of SMEs that submitted an application for Phase 2 of th Awarded grant: SME Instrument Phase 2 (2.48 M€) Looking for funding? Whether you're in the early stage or if you've already had proposals- get in touch with our funding team. We make sure you get the best deal. Wouter +31 (0)6 46 87 39 24. Contact us. Direct chat In 2018, Innovayt helped AddiFab prepare an application for the SME Instrument Phase 2 funding for their STIM-MC project. The application was approved by the Commission, and AddiFab received 1.6 million € for their project, which included industrial design optimization, validation, certification, and bringing the solution to the market

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Each beneficiary of the SME instrument will be offered business coaching support during Phase 1 (up to 3 coaching days) and Phase 2 (up to 12 coaching days) in addition to the grant offered. This support will be provided through the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and delivered by a group of qualified and experienced business coaches Horizon 2020 Dedicated SME Instrument Phase 1 and 2, 2014-2015 Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies (LEIT) includes the parts of Horizon 2020 focusing on new opportunities for industrial leadership in Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), ICT and space

SME Instrument supports single or small consortia of SMEs to finalize development of products and/or services enabling to solve the pain of their end users or customers better. In contrast to collaborative Horizon 2020 projects, the SME Instrument funds only limited R&D activities even though R&D is an imperative part of the project implementation itself Výzva: SME-1 SME instrument phase 1. Vyhlásenie výzvy: 27.10.2017 Ukončenie výzvy: termín: 08.02.2018 do 17:00 (Brussels time) termín: 03.05.2018 do 17:00. The SME Instrument is a business innovation support scheme that targets SMEs in the 28 EU Member States and the H2020 associated countries.The aim of the instrument is to support the best companies with the most innovative ideas and biggest growth potential through two main phases - Phase 1 for exploring the feasibility of the business idea and Phase 2 for developing the innovation and. 2. Revise Horizon 2020 work programme (2018-20) with simple presentation of instruments targeting market creating innovations 3. Make SME instrument fully bottom up with continuously open call 4. Strengthen evaluation criteria to focus on market creating innovations, with potential to scale, and higher risk profiles 5 With a total budget of €2.7bn for 2018-20, the European Commission is funding innovators, entrepreneurs and small companies. The EU Startup services team has achieved multiple award winning grants through the SME Instrument. We failed twice in getting the SME Instrument Phase 1 grant

High success rate for the first cut-off dates in the SME

Winegrid - SME instrument phase 2. Abstract: During vinification, to produce quality wine, it is critically important to monitor certain parameters: density, turbidity, colour, level, temperature and alcohol content Home » News » Cardiawave » SME Instrument Phase 2 - July 2018. New financing round - July 2018 PCR London Valves - Sept. 2018. Cardiawave is the Prize-Winner of SME Instrument Phase 2, contest held by the European Union (July 2018): Top-class innovative projects get €113 million from the EIC SME Instrument Before 2018, there were pre-defined industries (13 in total) which could apply to the SME Instrument. Starting February 2018, the funding is available to projects of all industries with no topic restrictions. The budgets and competitiveness of the old topics were highly disproportionate so this new development might level the plane field and give Continue reading SME Instrument 2018. Horizon 2020 - SME Instrument APA-806756 admin 2018-04-24T12:50:10+00:00. APA Horizon SME Instrument APA-806756. This project has received funding (grant agreement number is 806756) Phase 2 project aims also at establishing and launching the industrial operation,. The SME Instrument is a new funding tool of the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Programme specifically designed to support SMEs engaged in R&D&I to accelerate the commercial uptake of innovative solutions, Phase 1: Sept 5, 2018 Phase 2: May 23, 2018. For more information,.

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  1. Last week, the European Innovation Council released the latest results of the SME Instrument, delivering some excellent and exciting news: with Ateknea's help, Restb.ai has been approved by the European Commission for Phase 2 funding!. The project selected to receive funding is CV4RE (Computer Vision for Real Estate), an AI image-tagging AI tool designed to automatically identify the.
  2. SME Instrument Phase 2 Projects and Programmes THE SME INSTRUMENT The SME Instrument (now called the EIC Accelerator) is part of the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme to help high-potential small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to develop ground-breaking innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready for competition in the global market. PILOT´S ACHIEVEMENT In 201
  3. Under the former SME Instrument there was only one option: grant only funding. Besides, the former SME Instrument was divided into two different grant schemes: SME Instrument Phase 1 and SME Instrument Phase 2. These two phases do not exist under the EIC Accelerator programme, which is one only funding scheme (the former SME Instrument Phase 2)
  4. May 15, 2018. The SME Instrument - an Alternative to Innovate UK. SME Instrument mechanism is a worthwhile exercise. Although some know a little, many know nothing about this potentially lucrative source of support. three days for phase one and 12 for phase 2,.

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SME Instrument: 2123 proposals seek funding under Phase 2

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1765 small businesses seek funding under the EIC SME

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Phase 3 No funding but support to increase the economic impact of the funding provided by the SME Instrument phase 1&2. This support can take the form of training, links to investors, partnering/networking with other European Innovation Council (EIC) SME clients and larger firms as well as services to help you access international markets, e.g. vi A detailed overview about all the companies that were selected can be found in the recently launched EIC SME Instrument data hub. The next cut-off dates to apply for the next rounds of the SME instrument are 3 May 2018 for phase 1 and 23 May 2018 for phase 2

Phase III (go-to-market): Take advantage of additional EU support to enter the market successfully (no grants). Scheme of the three phases Another important feature is the opportunity to submit proposals (Phase 1 and Phase 2) in several deadlines during the year, since the SME instrument is a c. d. open a call h2020 sme instrument 2018 2020 phase 2 october 201 GDE wins the HORIZON 2020 SME Instrument Phase II. 27 Aug 2019; News ; Global Data Excellence receives a €2 million grant from the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Geneva, 27/08/2019, Global Data Excellence announced today, that the company has been awarde EIC SME Instrument 2018-2020 1. 2018 - 2020 2. Comprehensive Scheme Innovative Idea Test & Co-create Feasibility Start-up Development Scale-up Investment € 1.4 billion in funding over the period 2018-2020 FET OPEN Future Emerging Technologies FTI Fast Track to Innovation SME-Instrument Phase-1 SME-Instrument Phase-2 Soft Blendin

Special report: The SME Instrument

We matched SME Instrument data through company names and countries with Bureau van Dijk's ORBIS records. 16 After the exclusion of records of firms with balance-sheet information in conflict with the policy eligibility criteria, 17 and companies without an active status, we obtained from the matching with ORBIS the following percentage of coverage: 74.8% of applicants, 88.2% of Phase II. SME Instrument Phase 2 had a total number of 1,163 applicants for the January 10th, 2018 deadline. It's communicated that 57 applicants where granted funding equivalent to 4,9 % granted funding and 405 applicants were above the threshold Jaime Lledó, CEO of Tecnoturbines, explains the technology of the Hydrolowhead turbine, a project developed by Tecnoturbines and Sendekia which is currently in the SME Instrument Phase 2 within. hemotune AG was selected for Phase I funding by the EU Horizon 2020 Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Instrument. The SME Instrument is part of the research and innovation program by the EU and supports groundbreaking innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready to conquer global markets

An innovative ultra-fine bubble engineered nozzle forWoodoo develops a new wood-based material, making itThe EIC Accelerator Pilot - Hezelburcht grant consultancy

SME Instrument: Phase 2 Results (January 2018

  1. The SME Instrument path can be very long with different written documents (Phase-1 proposal, Feasibility Study, Phase-2 proposal, Pitch slides) and a final presentation. I would like to emphasise.
  2. Annotated proposal template SME Instrument Phase 1 and Phase 2 Posted on 12th January 2018 by Matteo Di Rosa The 'Annotated proposal template SME Instrument ' is a guide created in order to assist innovative companies in applying to the EIC SME Instrument 2018-2020 call of Horizon 2020
  3. On 19th October we received the great news that Fuelium has been awarded a Phase I SME Instrument by the European Union. > Fuelium is awarded by Repsol Fondo de emprendedores 4 julio, 2015 octubre 2018 (2) mayo 2018 (1) marzo 2018 (2) febrero 2018 (1) enero 2018 (1) diciembre 2017 (1) noviembre 2017 (6) febrero 2017 (1) diciembre 2016 (1.

'SME INSTRUMENT': ZABALA quintuples the success rate of

The EIC Accelerator (formerly: SME Instrument Phase 2) is one of the EU's most demanding funding instruments.The EU wants to support innovative and ambitious small and medium-sized companies across Europe. EurA AG has been involved since the start of the programme in 2014. Today we are one of the market leaders in Germany with over 200 applications SMALLE Technologies has been selected to receive funding in the call H2020-SMEINST-2-2016-2017 of the SME Instrument phase 2 of the Horizon 2020 programme. This instrument helps high-potential SMEs to develop groundbreaking innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready to face global market competition. By the end of H2020, the SME instrument wil

Phase 2 . Image credit: EU Commission . Phase 2 at a glance . As of 2018, the removal of pre The SME instrument is open to novel ideas, that are radically different from the existing solutions, are considered as high risk - high gain, have the potential to create jobs and scale up internationally SME Instrument Phase2 Coordinators Welcome Day in Brussels. We are in Brussels participating in the European Innovation Council Coordinators Welcome Day for SME Instrument Phase 2 projects. It is a meeting for SME Instrument projects' coordinators. The 2-day agenda is full of presentations and workshops EBAMed has been selected in the Horizon2020 program of the European Commission and has been awarded the SME Instrument Phase 1 grant! Read more information about this program. The Swiss National Startup Team Life Sciences 2018 on their way to Boston! May 23 - June 3, 2019 March 23, 2018 SME Instrument: 1280 companies apply for innovation funding The European Commission received 1280 proposals from 37 countries for SME Instrument Phase 2 before Read More. Find. H2020 SME instrument Phase 2 - Helbio SA among the winners. Helbio S.A. is one of the 58 highly innovative SMEs which have been selected in the latest round under phase 2 SME instrument.The participation of Helbio in the specific call made through PROMETHEUS-5 proposal (Energy efficient and environmentally friendly multi-fuel power system with CHP capability, for stand-alone applications.

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